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Why Hire The Guitar Coach?

What is guitar coaching?

If you are looking at excelling your guitar playing in the most structured and productive way, then you need a guitar coach. Think of it like your personal trainer for the guitar. By hiring me as your coach you’ll receive some of the best teaching materials and you’ll be kept accountable with your progress. I also guarantee you’ll enjoy every step of your guitar journey. 

What’s the difference between a coach and a guitar teacher?

Great question. Most importantly the first thing to say here is that there are some fantastic guitar teachers out there, I myself was one of them.

I soon realised though that my students wanted more from me at each lesson and that I would always go the extra mile to make sure they achieved their goals. I really do passionately care about you achieving your goals on the guitar and I do go above and beyond the role of a guitar teacher to make this happen. 

Each student who comes to one of my coaching session always leaves feeling inspired and excited about their home study. You are not just another number to me in my student schedule and I get a huge buzz from helping you succeed and overcome challenges with your instrument. Students regularly leave their first coaching session with comments like “I learnt more in that session than I have in the last few years.” 

What is the secret to this success? Listening to the student intently with an ability to plan out the perfect tailored road map for each student to achieve their goals. Students approach me with their problems or issues with the guitar and I simply solve them. 

Do you constantly scroll through Youtube videos searching what to learn?

You will save yourself hours of searching across Youtube and even potentially picking up some bad habits. I have been a guitar coach for well over a decade and have been playing the guitar live and as a session guitarist since the age of nine. You did read that right, my first paid gig was at the age of nine. 

Client Reviews

“Signing up with #theguitarcoach has been such a good decision, had an awesome year and I feel like I have made so much progress. Thank you Richard.” 

Paul Rycraft 

“I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to Richard Hillyer. His coaching methods are the best I’ve ever encountered. Always full of praise but also not afraid to say if something isn’t quite how it should be & what I really like is his calm manner & also his understanding of what each student needs on their musical journey. I cant reccomend Richard enough for anyone wanting to take up playing the guitar. Thankyou “

Paul Mundy 

“Hi all, I have known Richard for about 6 year’s now . He helped me tremendously to reach my goal. To play in a band again. Any one in this group looking to do the same Richard is the guy to help you . Having said all that . This virus had put payed to live shows . Just can’t wait to get out gigging again .”

Mike Goodfield

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