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Guitar Lessons Bristol


 ‘UK Guitar Coach’

“I help beginner, intermediate and advanced electric guitar students excel their guitar playing.”

“Coaching busy students with limited time, who understand the value of guidance from an experienced coach.” 

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Why Hire A Guitar Coach?

Structure & Accountability ✅ 

By engaging with the guitar coach services and content you’ll gain structure and purpose to your guitar practice, plus each student receives their very own customised practice plan.

Tailored Content ✅ 

Every journey on the guitar is unique to the individual. Over the years as a guitar coach I have helped over 200+ students achieve their guitar goals.

These include learning challenging pieces of music, joining a band, performing at a concert, help with College & University auditions, offering guitarist career advice, and even playing at an upcoming party or wedding.

Industry Experience ✅ 

Over the years I have encountered it all and with commitment from my students I truly do believe anything is possible and with the right plan and approach 100% achievable.

*My coaching is priced accordingly to the results my students achieve. I really am passionate about your progress on the guitar and will go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. 

Coached Over 200+ Students ✅ 

Every session is planned in advance and you’ll receive unique content adapted to your learning styles. You can save years of wasted time and going around in circles by following a structured programme.

The cost of University fees for music students studying guitar are around £9,500 per year. With my help start your guitar career debt free and with guidance from your guitar coach.

If you really would like my help and are ready to commit to my programme simply hit the button and apply below.

Commitment & Consistency ✅ 

The guitar coach services are best suited to the committed guitar student who wants to achieve great results on their instrument and would like my help and guidance in doing so.

Let’s get this show on the road. 

Get In Touch

If you’d like to enquire about hiring me as your guitar coach simply leave me a message via the Contact page or click the button below. 

The Guitar Coach

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Client Reviews

“I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to Richard Hillyer. His coaching methods are the best I’ve ever encountered.

Always full of praise but also not afraid to say if something isn’t quite how it should be & what I really like is his calm manner & also his understanding of what each student needs on their musical journey.

I cant reccomend Richard enough for anyone wanting to take up playing the guitar. Thankyou “

Paul Mundy 

“Signing up with #theguitarcoach has been such a good decision, had an awesome year and I feel like I have made so much progress. Thank you Richard.” 

Paul Rycraft 

“Hi all, I have known Richard for about 6 year’s now . He helped me tremendously to reach my goal. To play in a band again.

Anyone in this group looking to do the same Richard is the guy to help you . Having said all that . This virus had put payed to live shows . Just can’t wait to get out gigging again .”

Mike Goodfield

“Rich has been my guitar teacher for many years. He is patient, understanding and very professional. He has taught me so many different approaches to guitar and playing different styles.

I would thoroughly recommend Rich as a teacher and as a excellent musician.”

Mark Kennedy

“Rich has been my guitar teacher for a few years now. His knowledge of music theory and guitar ability are inspiring.

Rich is incredibly patient and supported me to be a better and more accomplished guitar player.
100% recommend Rich for all levels of guitar player!”

Ryan Taylor

“Rich is one of the best teachers in the business! I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years, but always lacked a good level of theory. Rich tailored our lessons to suit my needs and has given me exactly what I needed.

His teaching method is great, and he always explains things concisely. The studio is an awesome place to have lessons if you prefer face-to-face lesson, which I would highly recommend.

The icing on the cake is Rich’s personal level of skill as a guitarist, which I find inspirational.”

James Maggs

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