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Guitar Teacher Training 

Make A Living As A Guitar Coach 

Are you looking for a career as a guitar teacher or coach? When I left my full time job well over a decade ago now it was such a scary leap of faith. Making the decision to leave a steady paying job to set up as a guitar coach. Best decision I ever made. As you can imagine over the years I have learnt a lot, made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of huge successes.

Lessons Learned

If I knew what I do now when I set out I would have saved myself hours of time and wasted funds. That is why I am offering a small number of tutors with the right credentials the opportunity to be coached by myself and guided into teacher training. You’ll receive monthly sessions from me with clear tasks and goals set at the end of every session for you to achieve. 

Join My Course

When I started out I wish I had a coach in my corner helping me avoid the pitfalls of starting up your very own business. 

Join me for a three month course which includes one session per month online with your coach and unlimited contact to ensure your business launch is a success. Busy guitar coach’s can earn anywhere from £40k-60k per year, once established. Not bad for spending your day with a guitar in hand.

Full Attention Given

I only take on a small number of students on this course to ensure you get the attention you deserve. This is a great alternative to going to University and better value for money as you can expect to be earning by the end of the course and starting out your career as a coach.  

As far as I’m aware a course like this doesn’t really exist elsewhere so take advantage of this opportunity and learn from a coach who has built two successful teaching businesses. 

Content Covered

✅  Registering Your Business 

✅  Registering Self Employed 

✅  Accounts & Accountants 

✅  Marketing Your Services 

✅  Social Media Management 

✅  Facebook Groups

✅  Public Events & Masterclasses 

✅  Planning Your Lesson Content 

✅  Structuring & Delivering A Succesful Lesson 

✅ Access To Your Guitar Coach

✅  Plus Much More . . . 

Here is a short article I did for Total Guitar magazine about setting up a successful teaching practice. ‘Read Article’