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Client Reviews

  • “Signing up with #theguitarcoach has been such a good decision, had an awesome year and I feel like I have made so much progress. Thank you Richard.” 

    Paul Rycraft 

  •  “His coaching methods are the best I’ve ever encountered. Always full of praise but also not afraid to say if something isn’t quite how it should be & what I really like is his calm manner & also his understanding of what each student needs on their musical journey. I cant reccomend Richard enough for anyone wanting to take up playing the guitar. Thankyou “

    Paul Mundy 

  • “Hi all, I have known Richard for about 6 year’s now . He helped me tremendously to reach my goal. To play in a band again. Any one in this group looking to do the same Richard is the guy to help you . Having said all that . This virus had put payed to live shows . Just can’t wait to get out gigging again .”

    Mike Goodfield

  • “I’ve been wanting to play the electric guitar for 15 years but struggling for the time to practice.

    “Now I’m having one on one coaching from Richard on is 8 week course, I only started last week I wrote down my goals what I can do and what I can’t do on the guitar and what music you like to listen to and what I want to achieve.” 

    Jonathan Fream

  • “For me the club is about inspiration. Playing with other people, learning songs, solos, and music styles and theory that I might not have considered before. I’ve developed my playing and performance skills over the years and become much more confident.”

    Ian Conway – Guitar Club Member