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Sponsors & Affiliate Links

Sponsors & Affiliate Links Use my affiliate links to make purchases from my recommended guitar retailers. If you are a coaching student of mine or Guitar Club member you will also benefit from discounts from some of these retailers. Happy shopping. Affiliate“>

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Guitar Teacher Training

Guitar Teacher Training  Make A Living As A Guitar Coach  Are you looking for a career as a guitar teacher or coach? When I left my full time job well over a decade ago now it was such a scary leap of faith. Making the decision to leave a steady paying job to set up as a guitar coach. Best decision I ever made. As you can imagine over the years I have learnt a lot, made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of huge successes. Lessons Learned If I knew what I do now when I set out I would have saved myself hours of time and wasted funds. That is why I am offering a small number of tutors with the...

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